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Jobs and classes start at around eight



5 Surprising Ways Your Genes Are Secretly Ruining Your Life

cheap Canada Goose There’s A Gene That’s Probably Responsible For Bad Drivers cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance sale For decades, it was a staple of hack comedians to complain that women and/or various minorities made for terrible drivers. But it turns out that their low key eugenics streak was right; they were just focusing their complaints in the wrong direction. canada goose canada goose outlet clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap Brain derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, is secreted to whatever buy canada goose jacket area of the brain is responsible for the task you’re currently performing. It helps brain cells communicate, and it also shores up memory retention. But about 30 percent of Americans have a genetic variant that limits the secretion of BDNF, and previous studies have found that smaller portions of their brains are stimulated (they also don’t recover from strokes as quickly). So researchers decided to test out their driving ability to determine the practical repercussions of all this. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Jackets Federico Rostagno/Adobe Stock”H how?! We didn’t even give a you a physical car! It was a simulator!” Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats And indeed, over two tests done over the course of four days, participants with Canada Goose sale the variant both performed worse and remembered less. There are some caveats, as the study used a simulator and only involved 29 people. But researchers were still surprised that there was a clear connection between the genetic variation and poorer performance, given the incredible complexity of basically everything your brain ever does. Just keep in mind that it’s not like the people with the BDNF deficiency are mouth breathing morons. Canada Goose Outlet In fact, the variant helps people resist neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and MS. Jobs and classes start at around eight, many businesses close in the evening, and if you routinely get pizza delivered to your place at two in the morning, people canada goose uk shop start to think that you’re a canada goose clearance serial killer. If you’re canada goose uk black friday the type to not drag yourself out of bed until 11, you’re pegged as undisciplined and lazy, even though in the end you’re uk canada goose outlet putting in as many hours as anyone else. playing video games. People who canada goose stay up late and struggle to wake up in the morning have a mutation in their CRY1 gene, which affects their circadian rhythm. That rhythm is what regulates your sleeping and waking patterns, and those with this mutation struggle to fall asleep and thus canada goose store end up staying awake for around two hours longer than those without the mutation. canada goose coats

canada goose black friday sale amenic181/Adobe Stock”Look, you can stay up doing this for the next two hours, or you can watch Netflix. Choose.” your brain canada goose black friday sale

canadian goose jacket The mutation is associated with although far from the only cause of delayed sleep phase disorder. DSPD means longer nights, tougher mornings, and a connection with anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Oh, and DSPD affects up to 10 percent of the population, although it can be managed through dedicated exposure to daylight and other sleep strategies. So let’s make a deal: People who stay up late will stop suggesting that the workday begin at 11:30 if everyone else stops accusing them of being groggy only because they couldn’t tear themselves away from YouTube all night. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance Genetics Play A Factor In Whether You Like Cilantro canada goose clearance

Canada Goose online Some people hate cilantro, while others for some reason love the taste of dusty soap drenched in wolf piss. But it turns out there’s room for both sides to be right, and that the people Canada Goose Jackets who claim that cilantro canada goose factory sale offers buy canada goose jacket cheap them a fresh citrus treat aren’t necessarily lunatics trying to invent a justification for their desire to eat mold covered pennies. Canada Goose Online Canada Goose online

canada goose coats on sale A pair of studies have linked a person’s opinion on cilantro to genes related to odor detection, the taste of bitter foods, and the detection of pungent compounds. For example, a small DNA variation in olfactory receptor genes is linked with people who find that cilantro tastes soapy. Our tastes are complicated, so you can hate cilantro even without the generic variation. While hardly a requirement to be a musician.perfect pitch is associated with both musical genius and lazy biopic shorthand to explain how brilliant the subject is. We’ve long known that it exists and that relatively few people have it, uk canada goose but we’ve never been sure about what causes it. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose store But an increasing body of research suggests that while musical training (especially early exposure to training) can help you develop your sense of pitch, there’s also a crucial genetic component. Perfect pitch cheap Canada Goose is “associated with an unusually large memory span for speech sounds,” which essentially means that certain people are great at memorizing audio, a skill that differs from our ability to memorize visuals. “Highly heritable differences in auditory neural functions” are also a factor, which is a fancy way of saying canadian goose jacket that if your parents suck at karaoke, you’re not going to warble out “Don’t Stop Believing” any better than them. There have long been guesses as to why, ranging from blood type to exercise level to clothing color to diet. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket tacio philip/Adobe StockSadly, the idea that a beer or two will help keep the bugs at bay is a myth, but feel free to keep trying just in case. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose sale It appears, however, that odor plays the greatest role. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Outlet By studying some no doubt under compensated test subjects who agreed to expose their hands to mosquitoes, scientists found that canada goose uk outlet while identical twins (whose genetics are generally, well, identical) were bitten at about the same rate, some fraternal twins Canada Goose Coats On Sale were bitten far less than their unlucky siblings. The difference was theorized to be linked to genes that science believes control odor cues in order to deter canada goose clearance sale incest. Yes, Canada Goose Parka our miraculous human bodies, with their almost impossibly complicated programming, use canada goose coats the same trait that subconsciously discourages you from wanting to bone your uncle to determine how likely mosquitoes are to snack on you. Truly, the wonders of scientific discovery know no bounds. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose There may be other genetic factors as well, and this finding doesn’t mean that mosquito repellent is now as simple as slapping an extra layer of deodorant on, hoping you avoid mosquitoes that are into some freaky shit, and calling it canada goose coats on sale a day. But additional research into Canada Goose online the odor factor could help develop more effective repellents (current repellents tend to lose their efficacy after a few hours as mosquitoes become immune to the smell). That would making camping more tolerable, and more importantly, help combat diseases like malaria and dengue. Although those would be stopgap measures while Cracked’s Science Division develops Operation Trick All The Mosquitoes Into Flying Directly Into The Sun By Making It Smell Real Juicy canada goose.

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UE recrutează specialiști în relații externe



Oficiul European pentru Selecția Personalului (EPSO) informează că Uniunea Europeană recrutează specialiști (gradele AD 5 și AD 7) în domeniul relațiilor externe.

Atribuțiile principale ale personalului selectat vor fi:

  • promovarea și protejarea intereselor și a valorilor UE în relațiile sale cu țările terțe și cu organizațiile internaționale;
  • acordarea de sprijin în aplicarea politicii externe și de securitate comune (PESC) a Uniunii;
  • cooperarea cu serviciile diplomatice naționale din statele membre ale UE, precum și cu Consiliul UE și cu Comisia Europeană, pentru a asigura coerența între diferitele domenii ale acțiunii externe a Uniunii.

Condiţiile de participare la procesul de selecţie sunt:

  • cetățenie europeană;
  • cunoașterea temeinică a uneia dintre cele 24 de limbi oficiale ale UE;
  • cunoașterea la un nivel satisfăcător a limbii engleze sau franceze;
  • pentru gradul AD 5, trebuie să fi absolvit studii universitare de cel puțin 3 ani, urmate de cel puțin 1 an de experiență profesională în domeniul relațiilor externe;
  • pentru gradul AD 7, trebuie să fi absolvit studii universitare de cel puțin 3 ani, urmate de cel puțin 7 ani de experiență profesională în domeniul relațiilor externe sau să fi absolvit studii universitare de cel puțin 4 ani, urmate de cel puțin 6 ani de experiență profesională relevantă.

Persoanele selectate își vor desfășura activitatea în cadrul Serviciului European de Acțiune Externă (SEAE).

Termenul limită pentru depunerea candidaturii este 13 octombrie 2020, ora 12:00 (după-amiaza), ora Bruxelles-ului.

Mai multe informații despre criteriile și procedura de selecție, precum și despre modalitatea de depunere a candidaturii găsiţi la adresa web :



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Turismul aerian, pe avarii



În plină pandemie şi criza generată de COVID aeroporturile româneşti se zbat să supravieţuiască. La mare, de exemplu, poţi judeca turismul şi după cursele aeriene. Mihail Kogălniceanu este un aeroport pustiu unde aterizează 3 avioane într-o săptămână. Situaţia este la fel peste tot. Traficul aerian de pasageri s-a prăbuşit de la începutul crizei. În aceste condiţii bulgarii au reuşit să ne ia faţa până  şi la acest capitol. Pe aeroportul din Varna sunt 10 zboruri zilnic iar la Burgas 21.

Avem o mare frumoasă cu plaje de lux, dar şi cu staţiuni încăpătoare. Avem şi un aeroport în Constanţa, pentru ca turiştii să ajungă mai uşor pe litoral. Pentru oricine, asta ar fi reţeta succesului în turism. Doar că în România, este fix pe dos. În cea mai aglomerată lună a anului, August, doar un avion aterizează pe Aeroportul Mihail Kogălniceanu. Este o cursă de la Londra, o dată pe săptămână. Turişti cât să-numeri pe degetele de la o mână.

Şi din păcate situaţia este la fel pe mai toate aeroporturile din România. Criza provocată de pandemia de Covid a dus la disponibilizări în masă, rezilieri de contracte şi zboruri anulate pe bandă rulantă. Puţine au fost situaţiile în care s-au găsit soluţii de moment. Aşa se face că în primele şase luni ale anului numărul de pasageri a scăzut de la 10 milioane la doar 4. Numai în luna iulie scăderea a fost de 75 la sută. Per total anul acesta se aşteaptă la o scădere de aproximativ 60 la sută.

În aceste condiţii ajutoarele financiare oferite de către statul român aeroporturilor şi companiilor aeriene sunt aproape vitale pentru a putea depăşi această criză.

Reprezentanţii companiilor aeriene româneşti susţin că dacă situaţia nu se va înrăutăţi va exista o stabilizare şi atunci  putem vorbi despre o revenire pentru anul viitor. Asociaţia Internaţională de Transport aerian este însă mai pesimistă şi dă ca termen de revenire la nivelul înregistrat înainte de declanşarea crizei, anul 2024.


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Autobuzul CiTy Tour, tras pe dreapta



Traseele City Tour cu autobuzele etajate au fost suspendate în această dimineaţă, în Constanţa, din cauza condiţiilor meteo nefavorabile. Potrivit reprezentanţilor CT Bus, autobuzele etajate vor reveni în trafic imediat ce vremea o va permite.

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