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It is hard to discern between what is a clairknowing thought



How to Develop Intuition and Clairvoyance

buy canada goose jacket Different Kinds of Clairvoyant ExperiencesOne of the most frequent questions my readers ask is, “How can I develop intuition and clairvoyance?” Many of you have glimpses into the future which actually come true. Others have really sharp intuition and can read others very well, so are interested in finding how to improve these skills. This information you see and know does come from somewhere other than the usual five senses, and is definitely worth further exploring. So let’s do it! buy uk canada goose canada goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose It’s important to begin with a good understanding of what clairvoyance really is. The word comes from the French clair, meaning clear, and voyance, meaning vision. Clairvoyance is the ability to gain information about a person, object, location, or event through extra sensory perception. A person who has this ability is said to be clairvoyant. cheap Canada Goose

canadian goose jacket Many people believe that one must be born with these abilities, or that they are inherited by family members. This can be true, but just as often is not. A clairvoyant friend and mentor of mine was struck by lightning when she was around thirty five. She lost consciousness for a period of time. In the days that followed, she realized she had gained the ability to see into the future, hear voices of departed loved ones, and could “talk” to people from beyond. Suddenly, she was able to give people detailed life advice, because she could “hear” what their departed relatives were saying, and knew Canada Goose Jackets what was going to happen in their futures. A good clairvoyant should be able to tell you about your past as well. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale She is clairvoyant, but believes, like others, that there are many kinds of psychic senses, canada goose factory sale called “clairs” or “clairies.” There are four main ones, clairvoyance, Canada Goose Online clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairknowing, called as a group, claircognizance. These are all psychic and intuitive senses which require intuition. An explanation of each of these clairs will help canada goose clearance sale you understand which ones most closely explain your experiences. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose online What Is Clairsentience?To be clairvoyant means to be able to see angels, spirits, and also negative and positive energies. This person can see images of people, geometric shapes and colors, such as auras. They are easily able to hear the voice of their higher self. canada goose coats Clairvoyants are aware of past lives, can access akashic records, and can perceive the big picture about life. There is a difference between the ability to “look” at the physical world and “see” that bigger picture. The clairvoyant can see between the lines, and may often say, “I see”, as a way of understanding a situation. My mentor was able to see images of departed loved ones in my life, and these were people she had never met. Yet her descriptions were very accurate. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance Clairsentience, which means clear sensing, is the ability to “feel” the canada goose clearance present, past, cheap canada goose uk and future, and the physical or emotional state of others. Psychics who are clairsentient are able to retrieve information from people, houses, public canada goose uk shop buildings, and outside areas. They have knowledge of future events. I am clairsentient, and have been having waking visions, which are not dreams, since I was in my mid twenties. I find it helps me in my tarot readings, and I am very good at reading other people as soon as I meet them. canada goose clearance

canada goose deals There was one client I worked with in my buy canada goose jacket tarot practice about a year ago. She was divorced, but had feelings for her ex’s best friend. I was “seeing” this man in my head. I could describe exactly what he looked like, but I felt a sense of danger and wanted him out of my head and home. When you get involved in the psychic world, you have to protect yourselves; there are negative entities out there. I kept repeating The Lord’s Prayer, told the client to stay away from him, and that I could no longer read for her. So please don’t take these psychic gifts or experiences lightly. canada goose deals

canada goose coats on sale Visions and Visitors from Other RealmsI became aware of this gift when I began seeing people at what appeared to be my father’s funeral. I couldn’t see myself, so was unsure how far away his passing would be. It happened about two years later, when I was twenty seven. I had a similar vision about a dear childhood friend, about ten years ago. I learned she had cervical cancer, but beat it the first time around. The vision didn’t stop, and a year later the illness came back. She insisted she didn’t have the strength to fight so hard again. She decided to die at home instead of the hospital, and I did my best to spend as much time with Canada Goose Outlet her as I could. She did pass peacefully, and I was so grateful that I had the chance to visit her the day before, thanks to her Mom and a great nurse who closely monitored her. I asked her to try to find a way to show me if there was an afterlife if she found she was able to when she reached “the other side.” canada goose coats on sale

She always used to come into the back door when she visited my house, the only person who usually did. About a month after she passed on, my back door kept opening and shutting, for days on end, and there was no obvious reason for it that my family could see. So I guess it was her saying yes to my question!

A few years ago I also had a weird experience, during which my brother had a really crazy girlfriend. canada goose store They used to break up often. She called me in a hysterical state, and said she heard that my brother was dead. He and I have a strong canada goose uk outlet telepathic link, and I didn’t feel anything was wrong with him, but she badly scared me. She had no real evidence, but when I tried I canada goose outlet couldn’t reach him. So I spent the day calling morgues, police stations, and hospitals in his area. Exhausted and upset, I was pacing around the house, and when I went into my bedroom, I saw our mother standing there. She said, “Don’t worry Jean, he’s fine.” That doesn’t buy canada goose jacket cheap sound like much, but she passed away in 1995! I am happy to report he is still well and doing fine. So having these intense feelings can sometimes feel like a curse instead of a gift! In years since, I have been able to develop these abilities a lot more.

canada goose coats Psychic Senses Need to Be DevelopedClairaudience, which means clear hearing, is the ability to perceive sounds or words from outside sources in the Spirit world. Clairaudient people hear voices, sounds, or music that are not audible to the human ear. They receive these messages mentally or within their ears. canada goose coats

Clairknowing is another of the four psychic senses. Clairknowing people are logical, enjoy thinking aloud, or have very sudden ideas that just pop into their heads. Usually these ideas bear fruit. This is one of the most doubted abilities of those who have intuitive gifts. It is hard to discern between what is a clairknowing thought delivered by Spirit, and canada goose what is just a self thought. But Canada Goose online if this thought just thrusts itself into the person’s consciousness to a point where it can’t be ignored, it would be wrong to not trust that it happened for a reason. Usually these thoughts occur randomly, when the person is driving, working, showering, or doing something unrelated. Later it is found that this thought or idea affected someone the person knows in an important way. This is why intuition is so important, and should always be trusted.

Once you realize you have ability in one clair, you most likely will find that other clairs will open up to you. I knew I had some kind of psychic ability when I began having canada goose black friday sale the waking visions. But it was when I began reading tarot out of my friend’s healing center that I discovered that I was clairsentient. At first I needed the tarot cards as a starting off point, even though I am more proficient in astrology.

All kinds of Canada Goose Parka classes were available at this canada goose coats on sale healing center, and during a Developing Intuition and Clairvoyance class, we did certain exercises. We participated in a lot of meditation, some guided ones the teacher led us through, and even some chanting with a Buddhist monk! There are a plethora of styles of meditation, and this is the doorway into waking up your dormant psychic abilities. When you meditate in a group, the positive energy grows, sort of like the feeling you get when praying at Church, or saying a Rosary.

My Group Clairvoyance ExerciseIn one exercise, each of us would sit in a U shape with one at the head of the group, in the teacher’s chair. Once in the “hot” seat, we were asked to say anything that came to mind as we thought of any person in the group. The first time I did this exercise, my friend told me to try to picture a tarot image or astrological one, as she realized that kind of imagery worked for me. I saw the Gemini sign, and realized that one person had a friend who just gave birth to twins. Sadly, one of them died shortly after the delivery.

Next I saw the King of Cups, a tarot card of a kindly, older, family man. I knew this meant a patriarch of canada goose uk black friday a large family was troubled that his relatives were not close like they used to be. He wished for them to try to keep their close relationships like they used to. In his older wisdom, he knew what a source of strength family can be in a world where uk canada goose outlet we often get too involved in our day to day activities. A woman began crying, and recognized her grandfather, who had just talked with her about the topic.

I was the only one in the class who had two psychic visions, so my class looked at me in awe! When we are surrounded with psychic people, it makes our powers stronger. As we meditate and clear our chakras, learning to tune farther into our intuition, it’s likely you will find you are intuitive in more ways than you once believed.

Canada Goose Jackets Signs You Are ClaircognizantYou have such a busy mind it won’t even stop going when you try to get to sleep. Canada Goose Jackets

You have sudden ideas you just can’t wait to share.

Canada Goose sale You interrupt people only to find you are both saying the same thing. Canada Goose sale

You ponder an issue for days, and get a sudden answer, like a huge light went off in your head.

Canada Goose Outlet You can tell immediately if someone is trustworthy or not. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Parka You can spot a liar or faker from afar. Canada Goose Parka

buy canada goose jacket cheap You are a constant thinker, learner, or gatherer of information. Even though your senses are sharp, you value the ability to clearly know for a fact, although your intuition always helps. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose black friday sale You prefer learning through books or written works. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose Where Do Claircognizant Experiences Come From?We use intuition every day, but are often not aware of it. It is our radar for surviving, creating, and making choices. Quieting the mind and trusting our gut feelings are of the utmost importance in becoming an intuitive. You need to be in touch with Divine Spirit, while your heart chakra stays open. Some psychics can give good readings, but it doesn’t come from the heart. It is wise to be compassionate and sensitive to people’s feelings when they turn to you for help. Before anyone is qualified to do readings for others, they must learn to read for themselves, or a few people they know well, as I’ve described above. canada goose

We must learn to honor, trust, open, and allow the natural processes of intuition and clairvoyant abilities to develop and become a part of our everyday lives. These skills can help us make everyday decisions or in intuiting psychological, emotional, and medical issues. If your intuition tells you something is wrong with your health or someone else’s, believe it, but see a health care professional to be sure.

So where exactly does the energy from each clair come from? Each is ruled by one particular chakra in our bodies. What is a chakra? They are a series of fine, subtle energies located right outside of our physical bodies, in what is called the etheric field. Psychics believe people get most of their energies from invisible rays which come down into our canadian goose jacket bodies through very tiny openings in the top of our heads. Then they are filtered and reflected downward through seven etheric energy centers or energy wheels. All of them are found Canada Goose sale just outside the spinal column. Just as some of us can see auras, some people are able to see colors in our chakras. We need to clear our chakras and keep them as free of blockages as possible. There are meditation and other exercises which can be done to clear the “dross” or negative energies of the chakras, but first we need to discuss which chakra rules each clair.

Which Chakra Rules Which Clairvoyant Skill?The chakra most associated with clairvoyance is the sixth one, often called “the third eye.” This is located right between a person’s two eyes, between the eyebrows. The third eye is usually perceived as indigo blue. It leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Amethyst or lapis lazuli crystals aid balance for the third eye.

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265 elevi confirmați cu COVID 19, în Constanţa



Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Constanța informează că până la această oră, conform datelor transmise de către managerii unităților de învățământ preuniversitar din județul Constanța, se înregistrează următoarea situație:

⁃ 265 elevi confirmați;
⁃ 82 personal didactic și nedidactic;
⁃ 188 clase on-line;
⁃ 4366 elevi on-line.
Referitor la scenariile de funcționare a școlilor, ieri, 29 septembrie, Grupul de suport tehnico-științific privind gestionarea bolilor înalt contagioase pe teritoriul României a decis în unanimitate (exclusiv membri cu drept de vot, având competențe medicale/epidemiologice):

1. Decuplarea scenariilor de funcționare a școlilor de rata de infectare din localitate și adoptarea deciziilor de suspendare a prezenței fizice în funcție de cazurile confirmate la nivel de clasă/școală, în paralel cu intensificarea măsurilor de control din partea autorităților competente, în vederea respectării stricte a regulilor de protecție sanitară în școli.

2. Adoptarea de măsuri suplimentare având ca obiectiv amplificarea testării în școli, prin formularea unei solicitări către Agenția Națională a Medicamentului cu privire la aprobarea utilizării testelor non-invazive pe bază de salivă, cu rol de screening.

După această primă etapă urmează adoptarea unei Hotărâri CNSU, apoi validarea prin Hotărâre de Guvern și abilitarea miniștrilor educației și sănătății să opereze modificări în ordinul comun, în concordanță cu hotărârile adoptate.

Tot acest proces se va finaliza până vineri, 1 octombrie, în vederea stabilirii formulei de funcționare a școlilor, începând cu ziua de luni, 4 octombrie 2021.

Sursa: ISJ Constanţa

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Certificatul verde, folosit de astăzi, în România! Care este situația la Constanța?



Vești mai puțin îmbucurătoare pentru români. Certificatul verde COVID devine obligatoriu începând cu data de 20 septembrie, pentru accesul la diferite evenimente în toate localităţile unde rata de incidenţă se situează între trei şi şase la mia de locuitori. Mai exact acest certificat trebuie prezentat obligatoriu la intrarea în restaurante, la nunți și la activități în spații închise. În județul Constanța, localitățile Costinești, Independența și Adamclisi au depășit pragul de trei persoane infectate la mia de locuitori, motiv pentru care este nevoie de prezentarea certificatului verde.

Potrivit Hotărârii de Guvern care a fost aprobată vineri, 17 septembrie, în localitățile cu rata incidenței cazurilor cuprinse între 3 și 6 la mie, pot participa la nunți, botezuri, la meciuri și au acces în sălile de sport, în cinematografe și restaurante, persoanele care se află într-una dintre următoarele situații: sunt vaccinate împotriva virusului SARS-CoV-2, prezintă rezultatul negativ al unui test RT-PCR pentru infecția cu virusul SARS-CoV-2 nu mai vechi de 72 de ore, prezintă rezultatul negativ certificat al unui test antigen rapid pentru infecția cu virusul SARS-CoV-2 nu mai vechi de 48 de ore,  se află în perioada cuprinsă între a 15-a zi și a 180-a zi ulterioară confirmării infectării cu SARS-CoV-2. Excepție de la regula prezentării unui test RT-PCR sau antigen rapid cu rezultat negativ pentru infecția cu coronavirus fac copiii cu vârsta mai mică sau egală cu 6 ani. Noile reguli nu creează situaţii discriminatorii, consideră secretarul de stat în Ministerul de Interne Raed Arafat:

„În primul rând vreau să subliniez că această hotărâre n-a impus restricţii. Deci în loc să se închidă total după 3 la mie, în intervalul 3-6 la mie s-a găsit o soluţie prin care totuşi să mai permitem activităţile economice să se desfăşoare într-un anumit control sanitar aferent. Asta înseamnă că nu putem vorbi de discriminare. Noi permitem tuturor categoriilor să participe, cu o condiţie: să fie una din cele trei.“ a declarat dr. Raed Arafat, secretarul de stat în Ministerul de Interne. 

În județul Constanța, mai multe localități au depășit pragul de trei persoane infectate la mia de locuitori, motiv pentru care este nevoie de prezentarea certificatului verde.

“În ceea ce privește localitatea Costinești care în weekend a depășit pragul de 3 la mie, tendința se menține și astăzi figurează cu 3,17 la mie, deci practic intră sub prevederile Hotărârii 990, de asemenea la nivelul municipiului Constanța s-a depășit pragul de 2 la mie, localitatea Independența a depășit pragul de 3/1000 și de asemenea localitatea Adamclisi este puțin peste are 3,04/1000 astăzi”, a declarat prefectul județului Constanța, Silviu Coșa. 

Certificatul verde este folosit începând din 1 iulie, la nivel european pentru a facilita călătoriile între statele membre UE. La finalul lunii august, Guvernul României a adoptat o ordonanță prin care este creat cadrul legal ca acest document să poată fi folosit și pe plan intern, nu doar pentru deplasările internaționale.

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Concurs Naţional “ Patrimoniul cultural istoric şi natural-zestrea comunităţilor locale “



Societatea de Ştiinţe Istorice din România organizează în această perioadă concursul naţional “ Patrimoniul cultural istoric şi natural-zestrea comunităţilor locale “. La această competiţie participă şi o echipă de la Liceul George Călinescu din Constanţa formată din Alexandra Anja Mogoşanu,  Viviana Andreea Nichifor, Fabian Cotan şi Carmen Nicoleta Gheţu , toţi clasa a 10-a. Ei sunt coordonaţi de profesorul Eugenia Crăciun.

Echipa liceului George Călinescu şi-au propus readucerea la lumină a Casei Alleon şi recunoaşterea contribuţiilor culturale și sociale aduse de către comunitatea evreiască din orașul Constanta , aceștia jucând un rol activ în dezvoltarea culturală și economică a orașului, respectând sugestiile și profitând de oportunitățile comunității urbane și politică oficială. De la sfârșitul secolului al XIX-lea până în jurul anului 1930, numărul comunității evreiești membrii au crescut – atât ca număr cât și ca putere economică. Deși activitatea comercială și bancară sunt în esență, imobilul nu trebuie trecut cu vederea, deoarece au lăsat numeroase urme în public și spațiul privat al orașului. Evreii au contribuit la constituirea fondului istoric al Constanței, astăzi, o serie de clădiri reprezentative au devenit monumente ale arhitectură. Este un fapt nefericit că actuala comunitate evreiască din Constanța are doar 59 de membri, care îi includea pe cei din Mangalia – mulți dintre ei fuseseră asimilați și doar câțiva pur evrei etnice.

În aceste condiții, problema protejării patrimoniului arhitectural , în special al Casei Alleon , construcție reprezentativă cartierului evreiesc , este o sarcină dincolo de influența actuală a comunității. Salvarea acestui patrimoniu arhitectural evreiesc, regăsit pe pământ dobrogean necesită programe interinstituționale extinse care pot identifica mijloacele tehnice și financiare.


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